American Science and Technology Completes Bio-Refinery Scale Up

New Bio-Refinery Pilot Plant with 2 Ton Processing Capacity Now Operational

Wausau, WI – American Science and Technology (AST), an emerging technology company in the bio-chemicals and renewable materials sector, has achieved a major milestone as it announces the completion of its Wausau, WI bio-refinery pilot plant scale up. The new pilot plant increases AST’s processing capacity to 2 tons of cellulosic biomass per day. 

As a result of its ongoing collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, AST and UW-Stevens Point were awarded approximately $2.8 million in November 2013 to not only assist AST with its biorefinery pilot plant scale-up efforts, but to also establish the Cellulose Pilot and Processing Lab (CPPL) in coordination with the university. The award was part of a $22.5 million initiative by the University of Wisconsin System to support economic development. 

As part of this collaborative effort, the CPPL was established to provide pre-commercialization pilot processing capabilities to biomass users, owners, technology developers, and entrepreneurs. “Great ideas need to be tested properly before they can become solutions of the future,” said AST President and CEO, Dr. Ali Manesh. “That requires resources and capabilities that many companies and institutions may not have. CPPL was established to provide such necessary equipment and expertise to industry and research institutions.”

The Cellulose Pilot and Processing Lab is a biorefinery research and commercialization facility operated as a university-industry partnership between the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST) and American Science and Technology Corporation. Both AST and WIST operate facilities comprised of processing units for production of pulp, cellulose-sourced sugars, bioplastics, and green chemicals.


CPPL to Participate in the International Biomass Conference and Expo

CPPL to Participate in the International Biomass Conference and Expo

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